CUPS IPP printing on Windows

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  • CUPS server
  • Windows 2000 or greater
  • Adobe Postscript Driver for Windows
  • Bonjour Print Services for Windows [Optional]

Driver Preparation

  1. Download the Adobe Postscript Driver for Windows for your OS and Language
  2. Install the printer driver using the printer port FILE:
  3. Take note where the file have been saved for later.

Manual Installation


Note: The command is split into several lines for readablity

rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /b "<DisplayPrinterName> over IPP" 
  /x /n "<RandomString>" /if /f <PathToInfFile>
  /r "http://<HostName>/printers/<PrinterName>" /m "<ModelName>"

Bonjour Print Services for Windows

There is a fairly easy way to get better results in absolutely no time. If the Windows host is in a mixed environment that already has AirPrint services available simply installing Bonjour Print Services (BPS) from Apple will be much faster.

After installation of the BPS package starting the application will show a dialog with the available printers. Selecting the target printer and hit [Next >]. BPS suggests to use the Generic Postscript driver that ships with Windows.