ImageMagick Cheatsheet

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This is a collection of commands thought to be useful.

Keyword Description Command
Adjust Automatically adjust gamma values convert <InputImage> -auto-gamma <OutputImage>
Adjust Automatically adjust levels convert <InputImage> -auto-level <OutputImage>
Fonts List available fonts convert -list font
Formats List supported formats convert -list format
Grayscale Convert to grayscale convert <InputImage> -type grayscale <OutputImage>
Mirror Mirror vertically convert <InputImage> -flip <OutputImage>
Mirror Mirror horizontally convert <InputImage> -flop <OutputImage>
Montage Create an image index or collage montage <InputImages> -geometry <Width>x<Height> <OutputImage>
Rotate Auto rotate photos using EXIF tags mogrify -auto-orient <Image>
Rotate Rotate Image clockwise by N degrees convert <InputImage> -rotate +90 <OutputImage>
Rotate Rotate Image counter clockwise by N degrees convert <InputImage> -rotate -90 <OutputImage>